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Po-Chien Hsiao

Name: Assistant Professor  Po-Chien Hsiao
Assistant Professor  Po-Chien Hsiao
Degree: University of Washington, U.S.APh.D.
E-mail: pchsiao@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: Research Focus
Office: E2-215
Tel: +886-2-2730-1194
Fax: +886-2-2737-6606
Major Field: Design and Analysis of Steel Structures, Earthquake Engineering, Innovative Seismic Load Resisting Systems, Seismic Performance Assessment, Performance-based Design Method, Large-scale Structural Testing.
Courses: Undergraduate: Advanced Structural Steel Design, Design Practice (Capstone course), Structural Analysis. Graduate: Behavior of Steel Members.


Title Start At End At Remark Link
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), Taiwan 2016-08 2018-07 -- [LINK]
Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Post-Doctoral Fellow, Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University (DPRI-KU), Japan 2012-10 2014-09 -- [LINK]
Pre-Doctoral Research Assistant Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Washington (UW), USA 2007-09 2012-08 -- [LINK]
Research Assistant, National Center on Research for Earthquake Engineering (NCREE), Taiwan 2006-06 2007-08 -- [LINK]

Journal Paper & Conference Paper & Book/Technical Report

Journal Paper
  1. *Hsiao, P.C., and Liao, W.C. (2018),  "Effects of Hysteretic Properties of Stud-type Dampers on Seismic Performance of Steel Moment Resisting Frame Buildings",  J. of Structural Engineering, ASCE,  DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)ST.1943-541X.0002346.,  [SCI],  [EI].
  2. Inamasu, H., Skalomenos, K. A., Hsiao, P.C., Hayashi, K., Kurata, M. and Nakashima, M. (2017),  "Gusset Plate Connections for Naturally Buckling Braces",  J. of Structural Engineering, ASCE,  143(8) (Impact Factor:2.021),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  3. Hsiao, P.C., Hayashi, K., Inamasu, H., Luo, Y.B. and Nakashima, M. (2015),  "Development and Testing of Naturally Buckling Steel Braces",  J. of Structural Engineering, ASCE,  142(1). (Impact Factor: 2.021),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  4. Hsiao, P.C., Hayashi, K., Nishi, R., Lin, X.C. and Nakashima, M. (2014),  "Investigation of concrete-filled double-skin steel tubular columns with ultra-high-strength steel",  J. of Structural Engineering, ASCE,  141(7). (Impact Factor: 2.021),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  5. Hsiao, P.C., Lehman, D.E., Berman, J.W., Roeder, C.W. and Powell, J. (2014),  "Seismic Vulnerability of Older Braced Frames.",  Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities, ASCE,  28(1): 108–120. (Impact Factor: 1.192),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  6. Hsiao, P.C., Lehman, D.E. and Roeder, C.W.  (2013),  "A Model to Simulate Special Concentrically Braced Frames Beyond Brace Fracture.",  Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics,  42(2):183-200. (Impact Factor:1.974),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  7. Hsiao, P.C., Lehman, D.E. and Roeder, C.W. (2013),  "Evaluation of the Response Modification Coefficient and Collapse Potential of SCBFs.",  Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics,  42(10):1547-1564. (Impact Factor:1.974),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  8. Hsiao, P.C., Lehman, D.E. and Roeder, C.W.  (2012),  "Improved Analytical Model for Special Concentrically Braced Frames.",  Journal of Constructional Steel Research,  73:80-94. (Impact Factor:2.028),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  9. Lumpkin, E.J., Hsiao, P.C., Roeder, C.W., Lehman, D.E., Tsai, K.C., Tsai, C.Y., Wei, C.Y., Wu, A. (2012),  "Investigation of the seismic response of three-story special concentrically braced frames.",  Journal of Constructional Steel Research,  77:130-144. (Impact Factor:2.028),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  10. Tsai, K.C., Hsiao, P.C., Wang, K.J., Weng, Y.T., Lin, M.L., Lin, K.C., Chen, C.H., Lai, J.W. and  (2008),  "Pseudo-Dynamic Tests of A Full-Scale CFT/BRBF Frame - Part 1: Specimen Design, Experiment and Analysis.",  Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics,  37(7):1081-1098. (Impact Factor:1.974),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  11. Tsai, K.C. and Hsiao, P.C. (2008),  "Pseudo-dynamic test of a full-scale CFT/BRBF frame - Part 2: Seismic Performance of Buckling-Restrained Braces and Connections.",  Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics,  37(7):1099-1115. (Impact Factor:1.974),  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
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