Hsin-Yun Lee

Name: Professor  Hsin-Yun Lee
Professor  Hsin-Yun Lee
Degree: University of Southampton (UK) Ph.D., National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan)Ph.D.
E-mail: hsinyun0520@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: Introduction of Research Group
Office: 教授(Prof.): E2-214, 研究室(Research Group): E2-418
Tel: +886-2-2737-6567
Fax: +886-2-2737-6606
Major Field: Construction Management, Construction Strategy, Engineering Planning, Construction Service Design, Leisure Development and Operation.


Title Start At End At Remark Link
Vice Chair of Department of Civil and Construction Engineering 2019-08 2020-07 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan --
Dean of Student Affairs 2016-08 2018-01 National Ilan University, Taiwan --
Chair of Department of Civil Engineering 2013-08 2016-07 National Ilan University, Taiwan --
Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor of Department of Civil Engineering 2007-02 2016-01 National Ilan University, Taiwan --
Dean of General Affairs 2004-08 2007-01 Kao Fong College, Taiwan --
Lecturer of Department of Leisure and Management 2004-08 2007-01 Kao Fong College, Taiwan --
Senior Assistant of President 1999-11 2001-05 Topline Management Consulting Firm, Taiwan --
External Examiner of Master Program of Sustainable Construction Management 2019-08 2022-08 University Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia --
Program Evaluator 2018-05 2020-04 Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan (IEET) --

Journal Paper & Conference Paper & Book/Technical Report

Journal Paper
  1. Yu-Cheng Lin, Lee, Hsin-Yun, I-Tung Yang (2016),  "Developing as-built BIM model process management system for general contractors: A case study",  JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT,  22(5), 608-621,  [SCI],  [EI].
  2. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2014),  "Planning work crew assignments for pedestrian area renovation to improve its impact on the public",  JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT,  20(3), 338-349,  [SCI],  [EI].
  3. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2013),  "Using a guiding network to determine efficient evacuation routes in a public building",  JOURNAL OF INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEMS,  19(3), 243-251,  [SCI],  [EI].
  4. Lee, Hsin-Yun, I-Tung Yang, Yu-Cheng Lin (2012),  "Laying out the occupant flows in public buildings for operating efficiency",  BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT,  51, 231-242,  [SCI],  [EI].
  5. Yu-Cheng Lin, Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012),  "Developing project communities of practice-based knowledge management system in construction",  AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION,  22, 422-432,  [SCI],  [EI].
  6. Lee, Hsin-Yun (2012),  "Integrating simulation and ant colony optimization to improve the service facility layout in a station",  JOURNAL OF COMPUTING IN CIVIL ENGINEERING,  26(2), 259-269,  [SCI],  [EI].
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  8. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Hao-Hsi Tseng, Meng-Cong Zheng, Pei-Ying Li (2010),  "Decision support for the maintenance management of green areas",  EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS,  37(6), 4479-4487,  [SCI],  [EI].
  9. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Ren-Jye Dzeng (2009),  "A hybrid system for planning the development level of resort",  EXPERT SYSTEMS WITH APPLICATIONS,  36(3), 6266-6275,  [SCI],  [EI].
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Conference Paper
  1. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Hao-Hsi Tseng (2018),  "The Study of Evolutionary Customer Experience in Engineering Consulting Service",  Proceedings of 20th International Conference on Construction and Civil Engineering (ICCCE 2018),  March 15-16, London, United Kingdom..
  2. Lee, Hsin-Yun, Vadim Grinevich, Maxwell Chipulu (2017),  "Evolutionary Customer Experience for Evaluating Value Co-creation",  Proceedings of The European Academy of Management Annual Conference 2017 (EURAM 2017),  June 21-24, Glasgow, United Kingdom..
  3. Hao-Hsi Tseng, Lee, Hsin-Yun, Yu-Cheng Kuo (2016),  "Group Learning for the Design Human Resource Development of Enterprise",  Proceedings of International Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Development (ICEID 2016),  Jan. 18-19, London, United Kingdom..