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Congratulations to Dimas Pramudya Kurniawan of Department of Construction Engineering supervised by Prof. Yu-Chen Ou to receive the 2011 excellent the

::: 2012-06-07 16:34:13


2011 Excellent Thesis Award, Architectural Institute of Taiwan
Student: Dimas Pramudya Kurniawan (M9805807)
Advisor: Yu-Chen Ou
Thesis Title: Shear Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Columns with High Strength Steel and Concrete under Low Axial Load
The advancement of material technology has led into higher grades of both concrete and steel strengths. This research investigates in the reinforced concrete columns the use of high strength concrete with a compressive strength as high as 100 MPa (approximately three times the strength commonly used), and high strength steel reinforcement with a yield strength as high as 785 MPa (approximately twice the strength commonly used). Four large-scale column specimens were constructed and subjected to destructive testing in double bending as shown below. Based on the test results, this research proposes design equations for shear design of high strength columns. Results of this research will help promote the use of high strength materials in structural members, leading to a smaller member size and hence a larger usable floor area in a reinforced concrete building, and more importantly, decreasing the consumption of concrete and steel, promoting environmental sustainability.
  Destructive structural testing of large-scale high strength columns  
Destructive structural testing of large-scale high strength columns