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Laboratory Facilities and Resources

::: 2020-01-13 14:56:14

The following respectively lists resources and facilities in the department, in the university, and in the neighborhood.

Departmental Facilities

There are eight teaching and research laboratories and one testing center in our department:

University Resources

In addition to laboratories operated by our department, there are more research resources offered by our university:


  • Library - offering books, databases, e-journals, ebooks, etc.
  • Computer center - offering:
    • PC classrooms
    • Moodle
    • Information systems for students, course catalog, professors, staffs, etc.
    • Email services
    • Campus-wide wired and wireless Internet access
    • Licensed software download
    • High-performance computing cluster

Resources in the Neighborhood

Our university locates in Taipei City with easy access to public transportation, and can therefore gain easy access to even more resources, such as: