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Their experiences

::: 2022-08-17 15:23:45

Name: Ali J. Arkawazi

Nationality: Iraq

Program: Master

Entry Year: 2018


Study Experience:

I choose Taiwan to study mainly because of the description made by junior high’s geography teacher, by saying that the nature in Taiwan is so diverse that he called it “Asia’s Garden”, secondly due to my personal love of knowing more about cultures and languages. Taiwan is a tiny island, with indeed many beautiful natural spots and weather, its land unlike my country is green the entire year, its mountains where I love the most, where air is thin and clear. Although it doesn’t snow as in Iraq, it still can be as cold.

NTUST CCE is one of the well-known few colleges which mainly focus on applied construction management. The core background of management in construction is similar to other businesses, which is why it’s practical for future of any student developing towards business management in any industry, and I am here for similar reason. NTUST CCE is a place where faculty having a high righteousness sense, students are shrewd, and as a foreign student I am trying my best to achieve the standards and values of this department, which is a feeling I have towards any group I am a part of. As for future plans, I will look for a job both in Taiwan and back at home.

Name: Alphonce Ayado Owayo

Nationality: Kenya

Program: PhD

Entry year: 2018


Study Experience:

My experience has been quite eventful and adventorous, the department has a vibrant faculty and state of the art equipment that makes learning easy and quite fun. The classrooms are quite spacious and conveniently located from the dormitories, this enables ease of access at any time of day and night. The department officers are quite eager and keen to conveniently attend to the student needs. The office of the chairman is quite open for discussion and is highily supportive of the student activities. Finally the university is located conveniently within Taipei city allowing one stroll down the streets at night to relax or visit tourist attaction sites like Taipei 101 etc

Name: Anne Thymotie

Nationality: Indonesia

Program: PhD

Entry year: 2018


Study Experience:

For me, coming to foreign country to study is a great opportunity not only to receive education, but also to see another face of the world. My university is very diverse with a lot of foreign students from around the world. Although we have different background and we speak different languages, I am glad that we can be friends and can connect to each other very well, so maybe we are not so different after all. From my experience, I gained knowledge and information, but I also learned that the most important thing is knowledge without wisdom is nothing.

Name: Akhmad Firdos

Nationality : Indonesia

Program: Master in Construction Management

Entry year: 2018


Study Experience:

I choose to study at Civil and Construction Engineering NTUST because it's reputation as one of the best universities in Taiwan. I am so thankful because NTUST offered me a great education and opportunities to achieve what I expect in the future. NTUST has many advanced research centers, laboratories, and libraries to support the teaching and research environments. The professors are able to know the student's needs and encourage the students to increase their competence. The education life is very diverse with strong international collaboration. The students come from many countries around the world and I can gain global-minded knowledge. I am not worried about my daily needs, because the campus provides halal food, prayer rooms, and sports facilities. NTUST certainly made me feel as if it is my second home.


Name: Jessica Gitomarsono

Nationality: Indonesia

Program: PhD, Fall 2017


Study Experience:

Study Experience:
After I graduate from my bachelor degree, I realized that I am willing to learn more about engineering field and want to experience another culture. Therefore, I applied to the master degree and I chose National Taiwan University of Science and Technology as one of the best university. I was interested in the safe and nice environment in Taiwan that will improve my study focus and also I was given an opportunity to learn different culture and language
I feel Taiwanese people are very nice and friendly. The environment are clean and very safe. The education standard in Taiwan is very high and supported by the government. National Taiwan University of Science and Technology is one of the best engineering university in the world and has the highest international student in Taiwan. I chose
Department of Civil and Construction Engineering because it provides full English courses, great professors, and state of the art research topics.
I feel that the professors are great and the research facilities are equipped well. The office staffs also very welcomed and friendly. Local students and international student can be getting along very well.
After graduated from Department of Civil and Construction Engineering, I will find a chance to stay in Taiwan for a while to improve my practical knowledge about civil engineering.

Name              : Misael Algape

Nationality      : Indonesia

Program  : Master degree

Year of entry   : 2018


Study Experience:

Studying in Taiwan gave me the opportunity to learn about new cultures, meet new people, and find new places to explore. I improved my traditional Chinese and learned the essence of research studies. Most importantly, I learned how to live independently and appreciate the small things.

I have been living in NTUST dormitory for more than a year now. I have tasted all the foods in the cafeteria. I know where to find my favorite snacks at the night market. I study and do research in the laboratory that is only four minutes walk from my dormitory. I know nice places to exercise, including our campus that has a gym, basketball court, swimming pool, etc. I feel that I am getting attracted to Taiwan lifestyle more and more.


Name: Asmare Molla Reta

Nationality: Ethiopian

Program: PhD

Entry: 2019 fall program.


Study Experience:

After completing my master’s degree in civil engineering(construction engineering and management) and had two years’ work experience, I had plan to find scholarship from any board universities in areas of civil engineering. During my search Taiwan universities were one of the my interest, because my friend who had joined electrical and computer engineering one year before me, told me that most of Taiwan universities are very good in education especially National Taiwan universities and National Taiwan university of science and technology universities. So based on this information I had motivated and interested to apply in National Taiwan University of science and technology and I got the chance of the scholarship for fall program of 2019 in civil and construction engineering department. Actually, I do not know more about the country of Taiwan since am just new and stayed for four months only. Generally, I am very interested in NTUST; because

1.     Most of the courses are research based that help us to learn more in research,

2.     The people who are working in the university in different field, students from Taiwan, lab mates are very cooperative to help students even under the struggle of communication.

3.     The advisors are commuted to advise their students by scheduling their meeting time every week.

4.     The Taiwanese people are very loyal and open to help anything’s they know and a very highly freedom to move everywhere as we want as long as we are eligible.

5.     Still am focusing how to learn more and get deep knowledge on my research areas, so I have not yet plan whether stay here or go back to my home country. Thank you very much to give me this chance. 

Name: Duy-Hai Vo

Nationality : Vietnam

Program: PhD

Entry year: 2016


Study Experience:

I entered to NTUST-CCE at February, 2016 for my PhD degree. 4 years of PhD and Post-doctor is a great experience in my life. NTUST is opening my mind about international academic environment. The state-of-the-art knowledge and adequate facilities in the school enable me to study and do research, particularly on construction material field. More importantly, many specialized research laboratories here are always available to be advisors and good friends for me. Those such incredible things have encouraged me to put more effort on study and overcome difficulties. Aside from school life, I am touched because of the kindness of Taiwanese people who never refuse to help me. Last but not least, the pure environment with a lot of natural areas inner the city totally inspires me with an ideal place to live and work