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Educational Objectives


Engineering College's educational Objective

  1. Students will earn knowledge in both theories and professions;
  2. Students will be inspired to be innovative;
  3. Students will develop necessary skills for practical implementations;
  4. Students can integrate professional knowledge from different fields of professions;
  5. Students will develop global perspective;
  6. Students will be needed by his/her country or society;


The program educational objectives (Undergraduate)

  1. Possess professional skills, cross-disciplinary integration and coordination capabilities, and an international perspective to execute engineering projects, and be able to propose solutions that meet safety, economic and sustainable needs.
  2. Possess self-learning and innovation capabilities, can continue to grow in engineering and personal careers, and obtain professional certification, thereby serving the society and the professional community more effectively.



The program educational objectives (Graduate)

  1. Students will possess professional knowledge and skills in the field of Construction Engineering.
  2. Students will have the ability of thinking innovatively and to engage in research and development.
  3. Students will have the abilities and skills to implement engineering practices, as well as to perform the roles as leaders or managers.
  4. Students will have the virtue of engineering ethics, social responsibility, sustainability, and global perspective.


The program educational objectives (Executive Master Program)

  1. Continuously improve professional literacy and managerial decision-making capability to integrate and coordinate resources while using innovative thinking to solve problems.
  2. Possess self-learning capability, able to apply new knowledge, continue to grow in their careers, and make contribution to society and the professional community.