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Notice of Oral Exam & Dissertation Exam (7/8)

::: 2021-07-08 10:36:50

Dear 2021 new graduates,

Due to the surges in the number of COVID-19 cases, students who are going to graduate in this semester should do the following steps:


【Required documents for application of dissertation oral exam】

  1. Recommendation Form of the Thesis Oral Defense Committee Members (Signature of the advisor or any provement of authorization by advisor. Digital Signature is valid.)
  2. Oral Exam Timetable
  3. Transcript (Local Students only)
  4. Oral Exam Fee Printed Detailed List (For those who conducted online oral defense, please fill in "online oral defense" in the column "Transportation Fee".)
  5. Receipt of Payment (A Receipt of Payment should be given to each member. The filled receipt should be returned to the Department Office right after the oral exam.)

※Please submit the required documents to peggy_liu@mail.ntust.edu.tw.


【Dissertation exam method】

  1. For this semester (1092) graduate dissertation oral defense can be conducted online. If necessary, students can apply to the department office to conduct an oral defense online.
  2. The oral defense could be conducted online, and its method and related file preservation should still be performed in accordance with Article 7 Paragraph 4 of the Graduate Degree Examination Regulation of the University. For those who maintain physical exams, all participants must wear masks, maintain social distance, and are not open to observers. No more than five people are allowed to stay indoors. The relevant epidemic prevention regulations should be revised in accordance with the school's pandemic situation. (For those who conduct online oral defense, the oral defense should also be conducted in a fair, impartial, and transparent manner. The defense should be recorded during the whole process, and the recording of the defense can be accessed only with the permission of the Department chairman. Relevant files should be properly stored for ten years. When anyone who follows relevant regulations to file an appeal regarding the defense, those relevant files should be kept until the appeal procedure or procedure for administrative remedies is completed.)
  3. The committee member who conducts online oral defense will not receive reimbursement of travel expenses. Write-off Process: Please forward the Receipt of Payment to all committee members, they have to sign on the form, scan the form and send it back to you; please collect all Receipt of Payment and submit to the department office. Moreover, you have to submit back the “Oral Exam Fee Printed Detailed List”, signature is not required.
  4. The scanned file of Exam Score Sheet (with signature) is acceptable.
  5. Please forward the “Qualification Form by Degree Examination Committee” to committee members one by one and collect their scanned file (with signature); as for the Chairman’s signature, please submit to ctoffice@mail.ntust.edu.tw. We suggest you to keep all the email records and your thesis for the future reference.
  6. In response to the pandemic, the date of the dissertation oral defense of this semester (1092) can be directly extended to October 15.
  7. The originally scheduled date for graduate students to leave university has been changed from August 20, 2021 to October 31, 2021.However, for students who lives in campus, the time schedule for moving out of the dormitory must be handled in accordance with the regulations of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  8. You may reserve our meeting room to conduct online oral defense.
  9. Questionnaire (Local Students only)


【Department Leaving Process】

1.The graduate must make online reservation for department leaving process. (Up to 5 people per hour)


2. To be prepared: leaving department form, leaving school form and a paperback copy of thesis.

3. A graduate student in the materials group needs to leave the department, please mail the leave application form to chuntaoc@mail.ntust.edu.tw  before going to the office; graduate students in other groups can go to the department office directly.