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College of Engineering Outstanding and Excellent Youth Selection Procedure & Recommendation Form

::: 2010-02-25 07:08:16

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
College of Engineering
Outstanding and Excellent Youth Selection Procedure


  1.  This procedure is established for the selection of candidates for recognition as outstanding and excellent youth, who can serve as a model for other student, from this university.
  2. All currently enrolled students of this college who study at this school for a year, under 40 years old, and have a cumulative grade point average of 70 or above and a cumulative behavior grade point average of 80 or above are eligible for selection if they meet one of the following requirements. (Those who are once elect are not eligible.) 
    1. (1) Concrete demonstration of outstanding service and contributions to extra-curricular clubs and activities
    2. Concrete demonstration of outstanding concern for social welfare and contributions to community service
    3. Concrete demonstration of outstanding performance in national or international competitions
    4. Concrete demonstration of outstanding performance in academic research, literature, fine arts, or athletics
    5. Achievements in overcoming difficulties and hardships in the pursuit of an education that can serve as a model for other students
    6. Any other achievements that can serve as a model for other students
  3. Number of candidates from each department should be based on the following rule:
    1. When the entire number of each department exceeds 250, then with every increase of 250 students, there will be one vacancy for this award. (If the increased number is between 125 and 250, there will also be one vacancy.)
    2. Each department which has less than 250 students will recommend one candidate.
  4. Dean of College of Engineering will form a Committee of 3 to 7 people to elect the College Outstanding Youth and College Excellent Youth based on the score of the application material and interview. The application material and interview will constitute 50 percents respectively of the entire evaluation.
  5. College Outstanding and Excellent Youth will be awarded a certificate and plaque. Those who are elected as College Outstanding Youth will be recommended to the University Outstanding Youth Selection.
    1. Required materials for the selection:
      The candidate’s autobiography (format decided by candidate, contents to include a passport-size photo, student’s educational and work experience, a description of outstanding service, performance, or contributions with supporting documentation, in both hardcopy and computer file form)
    2. A complete transcript of the student’s academic and behavior grades.
    3. A selection form, which can be downloaded from the College of Engineering website:http://ce-e.ntust.edu.tw/front/bin/home.phtml
  6. The above procedure will go into effect upon approval by the College of Engineering.

Detailed in Annex:Selection Procedure & Recommendation Form