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Undergraduate Course Work

The undergraduate courses of the Department offer fundamental engineering training and develop students' ability to carry out the experimental work and the practical training in order to bridge theory and practice. Our curriculum offers balanced knowledge in major areas in construction engineering, including: structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction management, construction material, and information technology.  Students need to earn 136 credits in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree.

Graduate Course Work

Our graduate programs have the following five divisions, and students pursuing master's degree must earn at least 15 credits (12 for the information technology division) from his/her divison and complete 24 credits in total.  For the information technology (IT) division, students need to choose a specified concentration other than IT and complete 6 credits in the selected division.  For students pursuing Ph.D. degree, they must first hold a master's degree and earn 18 credits before completion.


It should noted that our graudate program is one of the first few departments at NTUST that offers international program, and more than half of our graduate courses are offered in English.