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Steel Structures Engineering Center

::: 2011-04-14 17:12:05

Source: China Steel Corporation

The opening ceremony of "Steel Structures Engineering Center" (SSEC), founded collaboratively by China Steel Corporation (CSC) and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TAIWAN TECH), was held on March 10, 2011 and started to run officially. Chairman Tsou stated in his speech that, with the 「Open Innovation」 concept, CSC had stepped out in recent years to make further connections with academies and research organizations for the collaboration in fields of common interest for Taiwan's steel industry. "It helps to enlarge the scope of our research and development and bring benefits to the whole Taiwan steel industry." said Chairman Tsou. Long focusing its researches on the technology of steel structures and being identified by Ministry of Education (MOE) as the key university in the construction engineering field for the five-year "First Class University and Top Research Center Development Project", TAIWAN TECH is definitely the right partner to run the SSEC.
Chairman Tsou pointed that CSC has put a lot of efforts on the study of "Green Energy and Environmental Protection" in recent years. Structural steel has been highly recognized as the green product for it gives about 15~20% less CO2 emission if the architecture is constructed with steel structures in stead of the concrete structures. Taiwan is located at the intensive seismic zone, with its good shock resistance, steel structure will certainly be the best choice for the architecture in Taiwan. Numerous high performance structure steels, such as SN490C, SM570, LYS100 and fire-proof steel etc., developed by CSC had been well applied in steel architectures by the assistance of TAIWAN TECH in the past. Through the founding and operation of the SSEC, more and more technological and material problems related to the steel structures will be solved. The goal to accelerate the development of steel structure applications as well as to increase the use of structure steels can therefore be achieved in the foreseeing future.