Cathy C.W. Hung

Name: Assistant Professor  Cathy C.W. Hung
Assistant Professor  Cathy C.W. Hung
Degree: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongPh.D.
Homepage: --
Office: E2-607-1
Tel: +886-2-27376607
Fax: +886-2-27376606
Major Field: Project Management, Sectoral Economic Analysis, Environmental Impact Evaluation
Project Management, Project Planning & Control, Engineering Statistics


Title Start At End At Remark Link
Lecturer 2019-08 2020-01 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology --
Adjunct Research Engineer 2013-05 2014-06 Taiwan Construction Research Institute [LINK]
Executive Assistant 2010-04 2012-12 Reiting International Corporation --
Project Engineer 2005-04 2009-09 Taiwan Construction Research Institute [LINK]
Analyst 2002-03 2004-05 Der Pao Construction Corporation --

Journal Paper & Conference Paper & Book/Technical Report

Journal Paper
  1. Kuang-Ly Cheng, Shu-Chien Hsu*, Cathy C.W. Hung, Pi-Cheng Chen, Hwong-Wen Ma* (2019),  "A Hybrid Material Flow Analysis for Quantifying Multilevel Anthropogenic Resources",  Journal of Industrial Ecology,  23(6), 1456-1469,  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  2. Cathy C.W. Hung, Shu-Chien Hsu*, Kuang-Ly Cheng (2019),  "Quantifying City-scale Carbon Emissions of the Construction Sector based on Multi-regional Input-output Analysis",  Resources, Conservation and Recycling,  149, 75-85,  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  3. Cathy C.W. Hung, Shu-Chien Hsu*, Stephen Pratt, Pi-Cheng Chen, Chia-Jung Lee, Albert P. C. Chan (2019),  "Quantifying the Linkages and Leakages of Construction Activities in an Open Economy Using Multiregional Input-output Analysis",  Journal of Management in Engineering,  35(1), 04018054,  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]
  4. Chia-Jung Lee, Ran Wang, Cheng-Yu Lee, Cathy C.W. Hung, Shu-Chien Hsu* (2018),  "Board Structure and Directors' Role in Preventing Corporate Misconduct in the Construction Industry",  Journal of Management in Engineering,  34(2), 04017067,  [SCI],  [EI].  [LINK]