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Construction Management

Name: Professor  Sou-Sen Leu
Professor  Sou-Sen Leu
Degree: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, U.S.A.Ph.D.
E-mail: leuss@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: --
Office: E2-408
Tel: +886-2-27376568
Fax: +886-2-27376568
Major Field: Construction MIS/DSS, Project Management, Risk Management, Computational Optimization, Construction Antomation
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Name: Professor  Min-Yuan Cheng
Professor  Min-Yuan Cheng
Degree: University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.Ph.D.
E-mail: myc@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Office: E2-411
Tel: +886-2-27376596
Fax: +886-2-27376606
Major Field: Geographic Information System, Construction Automation, Management Information System, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Construction Management Process Reengineering
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Name: Chair Professor  Jui-Sheng Chou
Chair Professor  Jui-Sheng Chou
Degree: University of Texas at Austin, U.S.A.Ph.D.
E-mail: jschou@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: Project intelligence & Management
Office: E2-217
Tel: +886-2-2737-6150
Fax: +886-2-2733-1044
Major Field: Construction Engineering and Project Management; Artificial Intelligence for Civil & Hydraulic Engineering Informatics; Project Quantitative Analytics for Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment; Decision, Risk, Failure Analysis & Disaster Management
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Name: Professor  I-Tung Yang
Professor  I-Tung Yang
Degree: University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, U.S.A.Ph.D.
E-mail: ityang@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: https://sites.google.com/view/itungyang
Office: E2-216
Tel: +886-2-27376569
Fax: +886-2-27376606
Major Field: Computational intelligence,Computer simulation,Construction management,Information technology
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Name: Professor  Hsin-Yun Lee
Professor  Hsin-Yun Lee
Degree: University of Southampton (UK) Ph.D., National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan)Ph.D.
E-mail: hsinyun0520@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: Introduction of Research Group
Office: 教授(Prof.): E2-214, 研究室(Research Group): E2-418
Tel: +886-2-2737-6567
Fax: +886-2-2737-6606
Major Field: Construction Management, Construction Strategy, Engineering Planning, Construction Service Design, Leisure Development and Operation.
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Name: Assistant Professor  Cathy C.W. Hung
Assistant Professor  Cathy C.W. Hung
Degree: Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong KongPh.D.
E-mail: hungcathy@mail.ntust.edu.tw
Homepage: --
Office: E2-420
Tel: +886-2-27376607
Fax: +886-2-27376606
Major Field: Project Management, Sectoral Economic Analysis, Environmental Impact Evaluation
Project Management, Project Planning & Control, Engineering Statistics
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