Scholarship for International Ph.D. students

::: 2017-06-19 13:07:49

Eligibility Requirements:


1. Current Ph.D. students are eligible to apply beginning from their 4th year of doctoral study.

2. Master’s students who enter the fast-track Ph.D. program at NTUST and who have been

awarded the NTUST Scholarship for a complete period of four years are eligible to apply for

this scholarship.

3. Students who are receiving other forms of financial aid from the R.O.C. government or

other sources are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Please check the attachments for more detail about the guild line and application form


*All the required documents for application in the follows should be submit to the department BEFORE July 3.


1. One application form

2. Photocopy of student ID

3. Transcripts (original copies) of previous academic years

4. Other supporting materials


*Overtime applications won't be accepted!!!


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