2017 CTCI Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Students in Taiwan

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Dear students,


CTCI Foundation was established on October 12, 1959. As a pioneer of new technologies, CTCI Foundation commits itself to developing technological talents for Taiwan and thereby facilitates Taiwan’s economic development and assists Taiwan’s manufacturing industries to upgrade their productivity. In 1962, the Engineering Education Research Fund was raised to award scholarships to distinguished undergraduate and graduate students. As of 2016, the scholarships had been awarded to approximately 3,700 domestic students.



1. Oversea graduate students (including international students, oversea Chinese students, students from Mainland China, students from Hong Kong and Macao) currently enrolled in master’s or doctorate courses of engineering fields in the designated departments/institutes and universities.


2. Each semester’s academic grade must be at least 75 points, or corresponding level grade and GPA (please also provide the grade convert sheet along with the academic transcript).



【Scholarship and life grants】


1.     Scholarship for Oversea Graduate Students: The total number of recipients is 15-25.

Each recipient will be awarded 150,000 NTD and a Certificate of Merit.


2.     Life grants for Oversea Graduate Students: The total number of recipients is 10- 20.

Each recipient will be awarded 100,000 NTD.


Application documents must be received by the Administration Office of Civil & Construction Department BEFORE Wednesday, August 9 All application documents will not be returned.

※ Office hours: Monday to Friday, 08:30-12:00 , 13:30-17:00

※ Overtime applications won't be accepted!!!

Contact person:

Miss Emily (Ext. 6604)     emilychiu@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Department of Civil & Construction Engineering


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